Online Courses in Design & Innovation

At Your Own Pace, In Your Own Time

Welcome to my online courses on service design & innovation.

I have been teaching and training online and offline for over 20 years and there are always some participants who know some parts of long workshops. Here, I have broken down the material into smaller chunks, with each course around 60–90 minutes long. You can mix and match as suits your experience and aspirations.

Buying access to any course allows you to re-watch it for six months or you can buy an all-you-can-eat subscription and get access to all current video courses for 12 months and any new ones added during that period. Planned courses include:

- Design research
- Ideation
- Workshop facilitation
- Prototyping services
- Design and organisational transformation
- Design leadership

If you would like to buy a block of seats for your team, get in touch.

Hybrid video/live workshops

I plan to offer hybrid video/live workshop sessions. Let me know your preferences and sign up to the waiting list here.

I hope you enjoy the courses!